Rise and Shine p1

It took Lucas over half a day to come around to the idea of his birth. He had been pushed, pulled, twisted and prodded, all of which he handled admirably, the boy seemingly impervious inside his cervical cocoon. But somewhere around the 15th hour, his mother in desperation began a particularly loud set of cries.


Over and over, followed by a battery of expletives that sent everyone in the room reeling backwards. The nurses moved quickly to calm the mother but Lucas who had never heard screaming at such a frantic pace didn’t know what to do. The noise was unlike anything he had faced, it surrounded him and his entire body shook under its force. The more he kicked, the louder it got, the faster he spun, the louder it got and every new round only grew in intensity. Lucas, who felt he had been more than patient throughout this ordeal was growing fed up with all this commotion. For hours now his home had been vandalized by unknown intruders. They had no respect for his privacy, or his property, and now they’d made it so he would never sleep again. Before the screams he was sure he could come to some sort of understanding with his assailants(they seemed to be losing their nerve), but now, as the minutes passed and the sound grew he realized that he had no options left. If they wanted his home so badly they could have it, for he was more than capable of finding another. He took one final look around, uncurled his fingers, flattened his toes and began his slow descent into the world.

His entrance was greeted by a Dr. Randall Stevens, a giant in all white who promptly spun him, lifted him high into the air and gave him a hard slap on both cheeks. A stern warning meant to discourage any last minute resistance, and the boy gave a wiggle and cry in protest. There was an audible sigh of relief as that cry rang out.  The birth was two weeks late at this point, and as the time passed the mother had become increasingly uncooperative, ignoring all of the doctors commands, even as she was made aware of the danger to the child. Her screams at the end were the most she had said in hours, and as the boy emerged Dr. Stevens wasn’t sure what to expect. He had seen cases before where a mother’s silence signaled a problem with the child, and for those quiet hours this thought kept appearing. But here he was, red and slimy, in perfect health and as he was wiped down the doctor took a closer look. Lucas had silky black hair down to his neck, shiny brown eyes that cast about wildly. Small but not too small, his chubby arms were a light pink and began rolling about his chest. His limbs growing more dexterous by the second. It wasn’t long before he was practically wrestling with the towel and throughout his face was framed by a tiny, unyielding grin. The doctor was impressed, and he made note of this as he handed the boy off. “This is a lively boy you have here Ms. Tille. He took his time but now look at him.”

And Lucas gave a long stretch, seemingly inspired by this newfound responsibility.

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