Diamonds Dancing

We caught him staring up at the sun sir, 3 hours now, he was just standing there

Tell us what you saw up there son.

A diamond and a grasshopper, the grasshopper was carrying the diamond on its back and going from one dark spot to the next. When it got there it would hop on its back, rub itself against the surface and then turn over and move to the next one.

The man walked over to the side of he sergeant and whispered. 

Does that make any sense to you captain?

Hell naw, but you know what they say about the kid, predicted the last monsoon a week out, started telling everyone about the hat wearing turtles being carried away by the giant dragon flies out over the lake.

So what you’re saying son, is that the grasshopper was grinding the diamond into the dirt in the middle of these dark spots? What did the diamond look like when he turned back around.

The same. Only a little bigger, the bigger it got the harder it was for him to carry.

And what happened when it got too big? 

The grasshopper would put it down, and start doing a little dance around it.  He stood up on his two front legs and moved back and forth between the edges of the diamond, sometimes hoping over it, sometimes bumping it with his shoulder. The more he danced and bumped the more the diamond started to shake, and when it seemed like the diamond couldn’t shake any faster it broke up into a thousand little pieces and floated up into the sky.

And what did it do in the sky.

They would start to join in the dance, only a few at first and then more and more. And they started to slowly circle in around the grasshopper, and when they had him covered up they all fell to the ground at once, and the grasshopper was crushed underneath them.

And why did the diamonds do that son?

Because the grasshopper had started dancing.

And why did the grasshopper start dancing?

It was the only way to get them diamonds to split up.

Did he know what would happen to him when he finished?


So why did he do it?

Because all his friends were watching, and it was his turn.

But it was no good for him.

Grasshoppers don’t think like that. They have a special bond with one another, it’s only bad if the whole group thinks its bad, breaking up the diamond, this was the best thing they knew.

So then what happened?

The diamonds floated away and the flames licked at them a little and they turned into dust. And the dust blew over to grasshopper island and they bathed in it until it was all gone.

And then the collecting would start again?


And what does all this mean son?

That it only takes one grasshopper to make things better for all his friends.

Okay son, you can go back outside now.

Thank you sir.

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